Expats & Students

Reinders Makelaars & Adviseurs is an all-round real estate company based in the city Groningen with a variety of services. We are active in the housing business for several years, so we have a good knowledge of the local market and we also have a large and diverse network.  So if you are looking for a good and stable partner for one of the following services, feel free to contact us. The services were we can help you with are:

* Renting a house
* Buying a property
* Property investment and management
* Selling properties
* Mortgages

"Roelof has been very proactive and supportive in all these areas of accomodation which we require to run our business successfully."

Sergio Pereira


If you are going to live in Groningen for example for temporary for work,  we can help you getting a temporary accommodation such as a house or apartment. This can be for short or long term stay. As well-furnished as non-furnished houses. Also for companies that are looking for temporary housing to place employees we have options.


For new students, who are going to start studying at the Hanze University or RUG we can provide in student housing.  And if we don’t have something available directly, then we will going to find one.

Buying properties

In the current competitive housing market it’s not always easy to find a new house and to buy it, caused to the large amount of competition. Houses are often already sold before you have had the time to respond on it. If you experience these difficulties and you have plans to buying a house, feel free to contact us. We can help you in the whole process of searching and buying a suitable house. But we can do also more, such as helping you getting a mortgage.

Property investment and management

If you have plans to purchase a property for buy to let, we can help you in this whole process. We have a divers network of real estate owners. What makes it more successful to finding and buying a property for buy to let. Also we can do the management of the property  once it is purchased and provide for suitable tenants. Also for the maintenance, we have several good and experienced people who can do the maintenance of the property.

Selling properties

If you have a property and you have plans to sell it, we can help you with the selling it. For buying to let properties we have a divers network of people and companies, that are looking on regularly base for these kind of properties. But also for selling residential houses we can help with the whole process of selling.


The main questions for buying a property is, can I get a mortgage for it? Especially when you as a foreigner live here in the Netherlands it can be more difficult, to get a clear answer to this question. We would be pleased to make this more clear for you and helping you getting a mortgage.

"Roelof also has a great ability to communicate to people from different backgrounds and cultures when placing our team in his accommodations and handles any issues or request effectively and promptly."

Sergio Pereira

Reinders Makelaardij is de betrouwbare makelaar voor Groningen en omstreken. Zowel voor een aan- als verkoopmakelaar, vastgoedbeheerder én tijdelijke (studenten)huisvesting kunt u bij Reinders Makelaardij terecht.